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So I lost my journal, again! People are going to think that I have no common sense if I'm not careful! I managed to remember where I had put it and I remembered where I put the few scraps of paper I had been writing my journal on in its absence. Though I wish I could find my journal entries for the holiday in Italy, no such luck. They are probably scattered all over Europe or at the back of my cupboard at home...

Well, the weather was a bit sunny and freezing cold, but I still managed to go flying and practised a few new skills I have been reading about over the past couple of weeks. Should be good fun playing this year. And if you really wanted to know what I've done...

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So that's me all caught up, though I'm sure I have forgotten something. I'm sure it will come to me at some point, and at which point I shall probably have misplaced this blasted thing again and have to resort to tiny scraps of parchment to write it down on.

I'm off to find something interesting to occupy a couple of hours before bed, maybe a game of exploding chess or Wizarding Snap. Hang on - I must be more tired than I thought originally, because those two games make no sense what so ever.

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